One of the storm drain labels throughout Orinda.

Board Members

Bob Stoops, President

Leesa Evans, Secretary

Lisa Hales, Treasurer

Reg Barrett

​Michael Bowen, San Pablo Creek Restoration

Gabriel Lewis, Webmail Communications

David Hop

Toris Jaeger

Bruce McGurk

Tom Morehouse

Brian Waters

Volunteer BMI sampling done with the county. 

​​​Some of Our Many Activities

Friends of Orinda Creeks is an active community group. 

San Pablo Creek clean-up volunteers.

Watch our new slide show of San Pablo Creek

Camino Encinas to McDonnell Nursery – this is how it looks before the rainy season starts.

Have a look at a

map of the Orinda creeks.

With Orinda Residents:

  • Remove trash and invasive non-native plants from the creeks 

  • Plant native riparian species 

  • Provide local students with opportunities for field projects to enhance their environmental education

  • Sponsor informational workshops for creekside homeowners

  • Place “Please . . No Dumping, Drains to Our Creeks” signs on storm drain inlets throughout the community

  • Write articles about our creeks for our local newspapers 

  • Participate in the Fourth of July parade and staff an informational booth in the park after the parade 

  • Participate in the annual Wagner Ranch Wildlife Festival 

  • Encourage composting, removal of exotic invasive plants, planting of low maintenance native plants, and reducing of chemical fertilizers and pesticides 

  • Recruit volunteers for a twice-yearly creek clean-up in the downtown section of San Pablo Creek
  • Work with Boy and Girl Scouts to fulfill their community service projects

With the County:

  • Train and participate in water quality and BMI (Benthic Macroinvertebtate)  sampling events

  • Train and participate in stream habitat mapping

  • Click here for BMI Data 

For Rainbow Trout:
In addition to its general water quality and stream habitat restoration goals, FOC is working to restore rainbow trout to their historical habitat in San Pablo Creek in Orinda.