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​Friends of Orinda Creeks Clean San

Pablo Creek for National Coastal

Cleanup Day 

Twenty eager Orindans, young and old, met at the Vintage House parking lot Saturday morning September 15 to clean up the downtown stretch of San Pablo Creek. The group braved Himalayan blackberries, poison oak and steep slopes to extract approximately 250 pounds of rubbish and recyclable materials, preventing it from degrading and flowing down the creek into San Pablo Reservoir, one of our local sources of drinking water, and into the Ocean. Items ranged from the mundane (cans, bottles, styrafoam, old rugs) to the unusual (golf clubs, manhole cover, rubber ducky armada). Mostly it was just a lot of garbage. All participants were equally amazed by the volume of debris, as well as the beauty of the creek and riparian corridor and its potential for improvement and access. For more information, click here

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See the article in the Orinda News about San Pablo Creek restoration!

The article starts on page 12 and continues on page 16. 

Connect Orinda

With a Creek!

Friends of Orinda Creeks has launched an inspiring plan to restore the downtown Orinda section of San Pablo Creek. Our goal is to achieve a beautiful and fully restored, fully accessible creek corridor within five years. Supported by voluntary donations, Friends has retained a consulting firm, FlowWest, to do conceptual design and engineering for a creek restoration for Orinda Village. 

Friends of Orinda Creeks is working closely with the City of Orinda, which is moving forward on its own Streetscape Plan. We are working cooperatively to identify opportunities for parks, creek trails and other amenities that will promote enjoyment of the local watershed, and improve pedestrian, recreational and commercial opportunities in downtown Orinda.

But Friends of Orinda Creeks needs you to weigh in with the City, and share your support for this vision! Please fill out the community survey and remind the City that creek restoration is urgently needed, and fundamental to beautifying our downtown. Suggested talking points include:

  • *Integrate Streetscape with creek restoration! Orinda has turned its back on San Pablo Creek for too long; it is time to treat our creek like the amenity and beautiful natural resource it can be. The City should do all that it can to support creek restoration planning and implementation, and integrate that effort into its own Streetscape Plan.
  • *Prioritize stewardship of the creek corridor! San Pablo Creek is currently a dumping ground. More than 250 pounds of waste and debris were removed this year alone. Unsightly dumpsters are left open to contribute endless streams of waste into the creek corridor. Cyclone fences prohibit access to the creek. Urge the City to focus beautification immediately on this neglected corridor.
  • *Prioritize the acquisition and better management of the creek corridor where possible so that the City is poised to expand its park system, thereby integrating a restored creek corridor into the downtown area.

And don’t forget to ask the City what they are doing now to restore our creeks!

For more information and to give your opinions in the survey, click here.