Two high school volunteers, Tyler Olsen and Jesse Wilkinson, worked a whole weekend cleaning part of the creek along Sunnyside Lane. It is a relatively easy area to access this small creek that feeds into Lauterwasser Creek.

Mailing Address

Friends of Orinda Creeks

P.O. Box 883

Orinda, CA 94563

For more information or if you are interested in volunteering, please complete and submit the form below:

What You Can Do

As a Resident and Homeowner:

How you landscape and care for your garden makes a big difference, especially if you live near a creek. We all can help our creeks stay healthy by:

  • Minimizing impervious “hardscape”       

  • Minimizing off-season watering

  • Minimizing use of fertilizers and pesticides

  • Leaving some of your garden open to wildlife

  • Planting native plants which need little water, fertilizer, or pesticides

  • Avoiding or removing invasive non-natives such as pampas grass, Algerian ivy, broom, olive, and vinca

  • Visiting our creeks and letting your kids explore them (supervised, if appropriate)

  • Click here for a list of Creek Friendly Plantings  

As a Creek Volunteer

  • Restoring of creek, fish,  and wildlife habitat 

  • Advancing creek and watershed education in the schools

  • Increasing creek stewardship and awareness

  • Helping students with environmental education projects

  • Creating a more enjoyable natural community for all Orindans

Volunteers are needed year round for clean-up and restoration, writing, outreach,

and education. Become a member and indicate your interest in

participation. We will contact you.