Mailing Address

Friends of Orinda Creeks

P.O. Box 883

Orinda, CA 94563

Two high school volunteers, Tyler Olsen and Jesse Wilkinson, worked a whole weekend cleaning part of the creek along Sunnyside Lane. It is a relatively easy area to access this small creek that feeds into Lauterwasser Creek.

For more information or if you are interested in volunteering, please complete and submit the form below:

What You Can Do

As a Resident and Homeowner:

How you landscape and care for your garden makes a big difference, especially if you live near a creek. We all can help our creeks stay healthy by:

  • Minimizing impervious “hardscape”       

  • Minimizing off-season watering

  • Minimizing use of fertilizers and pesticides

  • Leaving some of your garden open to wildlife

  • Planting native plants which need little water, fertilizer, or pesticides

  • Avoiding or removing invasive non-natives such as pampas grass, Algerian ivy, broom, olive, and vinca

  • Visiting our creeks and letting your kids explore them (supervised, if appropriate)

  • Click here for a list of Creek Friendly Plantings  

As a Creek Volunteer

  • Restoring of creek, fish,  and wildlife habitat 

  • Advancing creek and watershed education in the schools

  • Increasing creek stewardship and awareness

  • Helping students with environmental education projects

  • Creating a more enjoyable natural community for all Orindans

Volunteers are needed year round for clean-up and restoration, writing, outreach,

and education. Become a member and indicate your interest in

participation. We will contact you.