Orinda's Creeksflow into two reservoirs, San Pablo to the northwest and Upper San Leandro to the southeast, and ultimately into  San Francisco Bay. Because they are an important part of our watershed, the health of the creek habitat is closely connected to the health of that watershed. The Friends of Orinda Creeks believe that through education the residents will come to understand this and they will want to protect their city’s creeks. Click here to see a map of the Orinda Creek system. Click here to see a more detailed map showing both watersheds and property lines.

Connect Orinda With a Creek!

Find out what is happening with downtown creek restoration plans. See our News page for more information.

Trash along Orinda's downtown creek.


WHEN: Saturday, September 21st at 9 am.
WHERE: Orinda Village.  Turn down the driveway at 25 Orinda Way (Vintage House) and park near the chain link fence.
WHAT TO WEAR/BRING: Sunscreen, gloves (if you have them), water, long pants, long-sleeve shirts, and sturdy shoes. All other equipment will be provided.

For further information, contact info@orindacreeks.org.

After Friends of Orinda Creeks' volunteer cleanup

Our Mission is to conserve, restore, and educate the public about the values of and threats to the creeks of Orinda.

Coastal Cleanup

​Day 2019!

Join Friends of Orinda Creeks for the annual beach and inland watershed cleanup right here in Orinda!  Trash accumulates along San Pablo Creek in Downtown Orinda and flows downstream all the way to San Pablo Reservoir and beyond to the San Francisco Bay. Help take care of our fragile marine environment by volunteering your time right here in your own downtown.

See the article in the Orinda News about San Pablo Creek restoration!

The article starts on page 12 and continues on page 16. 

We restore,monitor and protect the creeks of Orinda, California.
We involve residents and young people in restoration activities.
We educate students on how healthy creeks mean a healthy water supply.
We give workshops for homeowners about caring for creeks near their homes.

The Friends of Orinda Creeks (FOC) is a volunteer organization, founded in 1994. Members of FOC work hands-on to monitor, restore, and protect native habitat to our creeks in order to maintain clean water and a healthy watershed. To achieve these goals and increase awareness of creek issues, we invite volunteers from the community, including residents, homeowners, students from Orinda’s schools, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts, to participate in this ongoing effort.