Jim Luini, Volunteer Extraordinaire

After Friends of Orinda Creeks' volunteer cleanup

Our Mission is to conserve, restore, and educate the public about the values of and threats to the creeks of Orinda.

Jim Luini, an Orinda resident and community volunteer for nearly half a century passed away this month at 85 from a non-COVID-19 related illness. Jim was a long-time member and recent President of Friends of Orinda Creeks (FOC). Click here for a nice article about Jim from the Orinda News. Memorial donations to Friends of Orinda Creeks' Restoration Fund in Jim’s name can be made by clicking on the Donate tab. We will all miss Jim.

Coastal Cleanup ​Day 2020

Trash and debris accumulate along San Pablo Creek in Downtown Orinda and eventually it flows down to San Pablo Reservoir – all the way to the Bay. We encourage everyone to help take care of our fragile marine environment by volunteering right here in downtown Orinda to keep our creeks pristine.
    This year, due to COVID 19 we will be celebrating our annual Coastal Cleanup Day differently from past years. It will be held Saturday September 19.

    To assure everyone’s health and safety, we ask volunteers to work in one-hour shifts. The first shift will begin at 9 am, second shift at 10 am and third shift at 11 am. So, sleep in and arrive at 11 am or be an early bird and arrive at 9 am. All volunteers must wear masks and practice social distancing. If there are too many workers in one area, we will ask you to spread out or take a break.

Trash along Orinda's downtown creek.

WHEN: Saturday, September 19 at 9 am, 10 am, or 11 am (you pick the time)
WHERE: Behind the Vintage House next to the chain link fence.
WHAT TO WEAR/BRING: Sunscreen, gloves, long pants, long sleeve shirts (poison oak!) and sturdy shoes.

OUR MISSION: To bag litter and trash along the creek and help with the removal of brush and limbs. We will have a chipper located behind B of A.

For further information, contact info@orindacreeks.org.

Orinda's Creeksflow into two reservoirs, San Pablo to the northwest and Upper San Leandro to the southeast, and ultimately into  San Francisco Bay. Because they are an important part of our watershed, the health of the creek habitat is closely connected to the health of that watershed. The Friends of Orinda Creeks believe that through education the residents will come to understand this and they will want to protect their city’s creeks. Click here to see a map of the Orinda Creek system. Click here to see a more detailed map showing both watersheds and property lines.